Body & Face Personal Trainer


Give your face as much attention as your body with one of our signature Face Workouts.

Designed to work your face in the same way as your body; to work and stimulate the muscles, release tension, promote blood flow and improve the lymph function. 

The best part about face workouts is that we do all the work for you. You just lie back and relax for some much deserved down time.

Back after Covid clearance at The Heatons Studio Heaton Moor, Xenos Haven Stockport and Healthy Spirit Didsbury.




Strength and mobility personal training for women. Helping you build muscle mass to improve body shape, strength and tone using a proven methodology which builds on the foundation of a strong back, core and glutes.

 Training this way reduces the chance of injury and creates a strong base-level strength which can take your strength training as far as you like, whatever your age and fitness background. Cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic heath are all improved which are vital to maintain and protect as we age.

 Programmes include nutritional coaching to help you achieve your goals. Packages include free Face Workouts when you reach key milestone.


Get strong, build muscle and improve tone in fun, motivational small group classes which focus on building back, core and glute strength as a foundation for total body strength and conditioning.

Get the personal support and attention to ensure your posture and form are correct, so you can build your strength and reduce the chance of injury.

Using a variety of strength training methods, including kettle bells, resistance bands and bodyweight training for core strength, booty building and leg toning and defined summer arms and backs.


About Gabrielle

Personal Trainer specialising in functional strength training for mid-life women.

At 48, being strong and fit is more important to me than ever to help me protect and maintain my health. Despite never being a natural athlete (think last one picked at school) I’ve always been active; taking myself off on long bike rides after school and training to blue belt level in Jiu Jitsu. As an adult, I’ve completed half marathons and a triathlon and developed a passion for strenth training, kettlebells and TRX. As a personal trainer, working with 1-2-1 clients and online, I help women get strong, and optimise their diet to achieve their goals. My approach starts with building solid core and glute strength to protect the back, and create a strong foundation for full-body strength and mobility.

"Absolutely one of the best treatments I've ever had. The treatment, venue and therapist just fantastic, so relaxing and it really does help ease out those droopy bits. Thanks so much"

Jenny (Facebook recommendation)

"Absolutely amazing! I have never felt so relaxed and the results are fantastic! Thank you so much."

Joanne (Facebook recommendation)

"Unbelievable - amazing results, so relaxing and my mid eyebrow furrow has reduced in just 2 sessions. Gabrielle is just brilliant!"

Nicola (Facebook recommendation)

"Had my first facial with Gabrielle this morning, WOW I found her warm and friendly her massage skills are wonderful. Wasn't sure what to expect but the experience was so relaxing. My face feels and looks amazing. Really lifted and fresh faced. Especially around the eye area. Have already booked my next visit. Highly recommended go and get one done your face will thank you!"

Tracy (Facebook recommendation)

"Gabrielle treated me at home this evening and I am still floating around in bliss. The facial massage was incredible and the whole experience super-relaxing. I actually feel like I’ve pulled my hair up into a tight bun now - but it’s not! It’s just my face is higher! Totally recommend trying Gabrielle’s ‘Natural Facelift’ for yourselves... an hour of wonderful indulgence 😊👌💆‍♀️"

Vanessa (Facebook recommendation)