lift and Sculpt

90 mins £75 

The Lift and Sculpt Face Workout uses a combination of Micro-current and Gua Sha for an advanced treatment designed to give maximum lift and to sculpt, tone and tighten contours. 

Blood and lymph functions are given a boost, detoxing the face and reducing fluid retention and puffiness, further refining contours, and leaving you with glowing skin.

The 90 minute treatment includes a neck, shoulder and head massage. Manual Eastern massage techniques release facial tension. Gua Sha is used for its toning and lifting effect. A deep cleanse removes all traces of massage oil, leaving the skin primed to get maximum benefit from the Micro-current. Cosmeceutical-grade Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serums are applied after to boost hydration, support collagen production and brighten the complexion.


60 mins £60

The Smooth & Tone Face Workout uses Gua Sha to work out tension, smooth lines and improve skin tone. Gua Sha is renowned for its sculpting effects and the workout includes sculpting and lifting techniques to refine contours.

Blood circulation and lymph function are enhanced, helping to detox the face and reduce puffiness and fluid retention, further refining contours and leaving you with a natural flow. 

The 60 minute treatment includes a neck shoulder and head massage. A range of manual Eastern massage techniques are used including Gua Sha and the option of facial cupping.

Cosmecutical grade Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serum are also appled to deeply hydrate the skin and give the skin it’s own souce of Vitamin C to support collagen production.



The Tone & Release Face Workout releases facial tension to smooth lines. Facial muscles are given a deep and relaxing workout, boosting circulation and lymph function to plump out lines and restore a natural glow. Contours are refined by easing fluid retention and the whole face is lifted using a special Ayurvedic lifting technique which is also deeply relaxing.

The treatment includes a neck, shoulder and head massage. A range of Eastern manual massage techniques are used along with lymphatic drainage massage and facial accupressure. 

Option 1 – 60 minutes standard treatment with head and neck massage £50

Option 2 – 75 minutes includes full Indian Head Massage £60


"Absolutely one of the best treatments I've ever had. The treatment, venue and therapist just fantastic, so relaxing and it really does help ease out those droopy bits. Thanks so much"

Jenny (Facebook recommendation)

"Absolutely amazing! I have never felt so relaxed and the results are fantastic! Thank you so much."

Joanne (Facebook recommendation)

"Unbelievable - amazing results, so relaxing and my mid eyebrow furrow has reduced in just 2 sessions. Gabrielle is just brilliant!"

Nicola (Facebook recommendation)

"Had my first facial with Gabrielle this morning, WOW I found her warm and friendly her massage skills are wonderful. Wasn't sure what to expect but the experience was so relaxing. My face feels and looks amazing. Really lifted and fresh faced. Especially around the eye area. Have already booked my next visit. Highly recommended go and get one done your face will thank you!"

Tracy (Facebook recommendation)

"Gabrielle treated me at home this evening and I am still floating around in bliss. The facial massage was incredible and the whole experience super-relaxing. I actually feel like I’ve pulled my hair up into a tight bun now - but it’s not! It’s just my face is higher! Totally recommend trying Gabrielle’s ‘Natural Facelift’ for yourselves... an hour of wonderful indulgence 😊👌💆‍♀️"

Vanessa (Facebook recommendation)