How effective is a natural facelift massage?

Natural Facelift Massage is an effective, holistic treatment. Unlike a standard facial, it works the face at a much deeper level. It targets stress and tension in muscles, promotes better blood flow and circulation and improves the lymphatic system. The effect is to promote collagen and elastin regrowth, improve skin detoxification and remove line causing tension. Clients report many benefits, including better tone, firmer skin, clearer skin, more lifted skin, tighter jowls, reduced eye bags and dark circles. Clients also report feeling lighter and deeply relaxed and refreshed, and are surprised by how much tension they were carrying in their face without even realising it.

How long do the effects last?

After a single treatment you’ll notice the difference for upto a week. The lift effect will be most noticable for 3-4 days, the brighter skin tone will last longer.

Can I get permanent results with facial massage?

Yes, you can if you have regular treatments. I also recommend that clients follow simple home massage techniques too. A few minutes of simple massage techniques 3-5 times a week makes a big difference.

How often should I have treatments

This depends on what you want to achieve from your facial. Some people are happy with a monthly treatment as a treat and a boost before a special event.

As with most treatments, if you want more pronounced changes we recommend a course of 6 sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart. After this, you can go to monthly treatments.

What is the difference between Natural Face Lift Massage and Gua Sha and Cupping facials?

Head, neck and shoulder massage
Japanese, Indian and Balinese massage techniques
Lymphatic Drainage
Stabilising massage techniques to lift and fix the facial muscles

Deep relaxation and facial stress relief
Removal of lines which are caused by facial tension
Lifting and brightening the complexion

Head, neck and shoulder massage
Japanese, Indian and Balinese massage techniques
Lymphatic Drainage
Stabilising massage techniques to lift and fix the facial muscles

Gua Sha to dramatically increase blood flow to the skin
Facial cupping to enhance toxin removal
Application of cosmeceutical grade Vitamin B5/Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C serum – intensely hydrates the skin and supports collagen production

More advanced line softening
Stimulating collagen and elastin production
Lifting and brightening the complexion

Are they suitable for everyone?

All treatments are generally safe and gentle treatments. With all holistic treatments there are some contraindications:

Treatment is not recommended if:

  • You have had botox or dermal fillers in the last 12 weeks
  • You are less than 12 weeks pregnant
  • You are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • You have any active skin conditions or infections
  • You don’t feel well on the day

Before each appointment, I will chat through your medical history and any medications you are on and will modify the treatments as needed.

What oils and lotions do you use?

I use grapeseed oil for the facials, which is one of the least allergenic oils. If you are allergic to this, or prefer not to use an oil, you can have a Natural Face Lift Massage or Combined Face & Indian Head Massage without using any oils.

Gua Sha and Cupping facials cannot be carried out without oils.

Some facials include the optional use of cosmeceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serum. The brand we use is Medic8 and the products are suitable for vegans. These are high-quality products and are used to enhance the effects of the facial. If you opt to use these in your treatment, then they are applied at the end of the facial.

Do you do a cleanse first?

These massages are different to a standard facial. They are about the massage techniques. Please come to your facial without wearing makeup to get the most out of the treatment.

How much do facials cost?

  • Natural Face Lift Massage costs £50 (1 hour)
  • Gua Sha & Cupping facials cost £60 (1 hour)
  • Natural Face Lift Massage & Indian Head Massage costs £60 (1 hr 15 mins)

Can I buy a package?

Yes you can. You can buy a package of 6 treatments and get 10% off the cost. Advance payment is required. Just book your first treatment via the website booking page here and when you arrive at your appointment we can discuss the package options. You will need to pay for your package after the first treatment and I will book you in for your remaining treatment dates.

How much are package costs?

  • Natural Face Lift Massage (6 sessions @ 1hour) £270 (saving £30)
  • Gua Sha & Cupping Facials (6 sessions @ 1hour £324 (saving £36)
  • Natural Face Lift Massage & Indian Head Massage (6 sessions @ 1 hr 15 mins) £324 (saving £36)

How do I pay? Do you accept cards?

You pay after your treatment and you can pay with cash or cards.

How do I book?

You can book using the automatic booking function on the website. You can find the page here.

Simply pick the treatment you want, click on the date you want (dates in bold are where there is still availability). Click on the time you want and then fill in your details. When you have completed the online form, I get an email confirming the appointment, and you will too. You’ll get an automated reminder before your appointment.

If you’d prefer to book via email, please email me at and we can arrange a suitable time then.

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens, so no problem! Just let me know as soon as possible so I can open the appointment to other clients. Just email me at

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes you can. You can buy vouchers for any number of facials. Most popular are vouchers for 1, 3 or 6 treatments.

The costs per voucher are the same as the costs for each facial type. If you buy a voucher for 6 treatments, you also get 10% off, the same as if you buy a package.

If you want to buy a voucher, email me at