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8- week diet coaching programme run on private Facebook Groups to support 40+ women lose fat during the difficult perimenopause and menopause life stages. 

Members get eating plans, recipes, tracking tools and workout guides.

More than just a diet plan, members have personal support, motivation and accountability from me and the wider group. 


    8 weeks of support

    • Get an easy-to-make food and recipe plan to lose weight and improve energy levels
    • Learn how to reduce cravings, hunger pangs, low energy and brain fog
    • Understand how to adapt diet and exercise for the peri-menopause and menopause
    • Manage stress better – one of the biggest weight-loss saboteurs
    • Set up the habits that mean you don’t need to rely on will-power to succeed
    • Make small changes in the right order to get results and reduce overwhelm
    • Improve sleep, relaxation and recovery
    • Access 24/7 accountability and support to help you succeed


    • Private members-only Facebook Group (access for 12 months)
    • Easy to make recipes and eating plan
    • Weekly results tracking and check in
    • Real-time support from me and other group members
    • Exercise advice and programmes for all levels (optional to follow)
    • Regular live video events to keep you motivated and making progress
    • UK-based programme, run from Manchester.


    In my early 30s I randomly changed my diet. Instantly, my afternoon energy crashes disappeared! My mind was sharp, I had amazing concentration levels and had constant energy to do a demanding job and look after a young baby. 

    From that point onwards, I was hooked on the feeling of having unlimited energy and a super-sharp brain. I learned how to lose weight and maintain it without being constantly starving and needing iron willpower.  
    With a demanding job (at one point I commuted to Milton Keynes from Manchester every day, which was a 14-hour day for 18 months straight), I streamlined my eating and exercise habits even more. There was no way I was going to let my schedule ruin my habits! Besides, I needed the energy and focus to keep everything together!

    Now 49 I’ve learned how to adapt my exercise and diet to work with my changing hormones. I keep a constant weight and have minimal menopause symptoms, tons of energy and never suffer from brain fog. 
    As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I coach and train busy women in their 40s & 50s to lose fat and gain energy.  Most women don’t have the time or the willpower to follow complicated, high-stress programmes, so I’ve developed simple and effective habit-based strategies that give you the results you want, PLUS personal support , the secret ingredient for lasting success.



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