I pinched this Foreo Mini off my daughter who got it for a present. Well, technically we now share it.

The Foreo Mini is a small sealed silicone unit with delicate nodules. It’s gently vibrates when switched on (battery powered) and you massage your cleanser into your face, then wash off.

I’ve been, and still am, a fan of Liz Earle’s hot cloth cleanser, but I noticed it wasn’t quite doing the exfoliating job it used to, and my skin felt really rough and tight all the time, especially around my chin.

So I ‘borrowed’ this off my daughter for a play when she was out and was amazed by how well it worked. It made a massive difference to all my problem areas, which now feel smoother and look brighter. It’s gentle enough to be used twice a day, and really boosts the way my old cleanser worked

It’s waterproof and really easy to wash between uses… so I don’t mind sharing it 😉

I have no affiliation with this product, it’s simply a clever little gadget that’s not too pricy (around £30 for the mini, the full size is £130, but the mini works perfectly) and worth a try if you feel you need a deeper clean.