4 months between images

This is my own facial transformation after following the facial massage routine I recommend for my clients; a monthly professional treatment and daily home massage for 5-10 minutes.

At 47 I felt like my skin was OK, but I was really noticing things going south and I didn’t feel too comfortable with that. Like most people, I didn’t feel my age. I’d been exercising and eating well for years, but my face was starting to let me down!

I’d trained in Natural Face Lift Massage after having a few and being completely blown away by the results. But I was frustrated by the fact that the effects of one-off treatments were short lived.

My home routine

I realised if I wanted to get permanent results, I needed to combine professional treatments with a home massage routine. So I became my own experiment.

I took the photo on the right after a gap in treatments and before I’d developed my home routine. I wanted to be able to check back and see how it was working.

To be completely honest, I was staggered by the change. This had only taken me 4 months to achieve. My diet and sleeping habits were unchanged, and have always been generally good. The only difference in what I was doing was the face lift massaging.

The biggest change is my eyelids. They were starting to droop and become hooded, but now my brows are lifted and the whole area is toned and smoothed. I was developing frown lines but my forehead is also lifted and much smoother – you can actually see how relaxed I look now! The sagging around my lower cheeks has also improved noticeably, which is what I was most unhappy about.

As well as the improvements in tone and firmness, my skin is also brighter and more even in colour. I’m less self-conscious of my dark circles and am using much less makeup than I was before.

Many people who have facials are most surprised at how much tension they are carrying in their faces. An unexpected benefit is that I feel much less stressed than usual. Now I am much more aware of when I am getting stressed and holding tension in my face, and I work on it with my massage.